Haida Gwaii Business to Business is an initiative of Misty Isles Economic Development Society designed as an information sharing portal for small business. HGB2B is a general store for the business community and labour force of Haida Gwaii. Due to minimal usage, this project will be decommissioned in 2016 - please contact us for more information on local procurement.

Procurement Database - The Procurement Database will be a labour force, service and product inventory for the islands. Suppliers are encouraged to fill out the form on the right hand side of the home page with as much detail as possible. This information will be put into a supply database which will be housed at the MIEDS office. Through this site, an email or a phone call; contractors, persons or businesses can request information for a particular service or product and the contact information housed in the database will be forwarded to that person.

Employers - The Employers tab will contain information on programs, services, webinars, legislation updates, taxes, training, etc. that will assist island entrepreneurs. Any information from outside sources will include direct links so to make accessing the information that much easier.

Skills Training - The Skills Training page will focus more on labour market skills development. MIEDS will be looking to many of its island training and development partners to help populate this page. Seminiars, webinars, short training programs and college offerings will be provided here. As well, if employers or potential employees have specific requests for skill development or training initiatives they can contact MIEDS through this site.

MIEDS Reports - Misty Isles Economic Development Society works hard to provide public value to the citizens of Haida Gwaii by working on a number of economic development initiatives. MIEDS strives to keep the public informed through monthly reports which are provided to the council's of the respective communities. The reports will now be posted on this site as well as on the MIEDS website.

Request Services or Product - The Request Services or Product Tab will be an email form which contractors, individuals, businesses, etc., can fill out requesting information on a particular type of business, service or product is required. The business or service providers matching the request contained in the Procurement Database will be forwarded to the interested party via email.

Forums - Forums is a page where businesses and organizations can have actual conversations with each other. It can be used to obtain opinions, source bulk buying, survey each other, or to share information. 

Resources - Who doesn't need resources??? This page will contain easy access to resources and contacts that support small business and skill development. 

Contact - Contact information for MIEDS.

HGB2B is an initiative developed by MIEDS to support small businesses, skill development service providers and those islanders looking for work. To ensure that this site addresses those objectives we encourage feedback from users. 

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Procurement Database

Haida Gwaii has recently initiated a number of major infrastructure projects, including the Masset Airport, Queen Charlotte Hospital.

We want the people of Haida Gwaii to benefit from these projects. To ensure this, MIEDS has created the HGB2B Procurement Database. This will be a one stop shop where anyone or any business can contact us and get access to the services and products that they require.

So if you have equipment, land, rooms, technical support services, equipment repair; if you are a labourer, backhoe operator, an engineer, a chef, we want to hear from you!

Simply fill in the fields below and your information will be sent to the HGB2B Procurement Database.

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